General Informations

Customer Complaints

As our customers, your complaints are very important for us and have absolute solutions. Primarily identifying, whether ultimate used behaved accordingly to following instructions and issues or no, t is the principle. If you believe that your complaint is completely caused due to our production fault, please submit a sample of the relevant product or products and a note in writing and approved by yourself and clearly explaining your complaint and your requests to our relevant customer representative. Necessary inspections will be promptly performed and you will receive a definite respond. If the fault is caused by our factory, you will receive compensation in same timely manner. But we would like you to know, within the framework of the quality conception in worldwide standards; it is our understanding to obtain products in maximum quality and minimum fault by taking customer satisfaction as principle. Also we would like to point that we stand behind of our products in every way and to imply that your trust is really important for us.

Instructions for use

While you are carrying or using a product made of artificial leather and fabrics, keep safe from impacts and serious frictions. Do not penetrate the product with sharp or pointy objects. Do not make any activity on the product with high temperature devices such as iron. Do not lay hard, pointy and cornered chairs or furniture such as coffee table on the product. Do not expose the product for direct sun light for too long. We advise for you to clean the product accordingly with following instructions.

Cleaning and Washing Instructions

Before you commence cleaning, carefully remove the dirt and pollutants on the product with vacuum cleaner without pressing too hard. Later or in any event of spilling a drink or liquid on the product, clean the product with mild wet or soapy swab or only wet soft swab and if requested, dry the product with soft swab. Product may be washed by hand with soap. Temperature must be 30oC at most. Do not use bleach. No dry cleaning for PVC products and fabrics. Only PU products may be dry-cleaned. Do not use any products containing chemicals, gas, fuel, fuel-oil, thinner like chemicals, cologne, acetone and other alcohol content products for cleaning purpose.

Sewing Instructions

PTFE Plastic stands may be used on sewing machines. Loops must be double winding or eyed. Sewing are must be mildly oiled before stitching.

Cutting Instructions

While performing quality control, don’t paste fault labels on front side. While packing, keep labeling cards inside. Only indicate “may be wiped” indication on instructions for use. Do not write dry-cleaning. While sewing, avoid incorrect strips, so irreversible stitching marks will remain. Do not lay one on another the different color sewed pieces of artificial leather and fabrics.

General matters to be considered

Primarily, carefully read and apply the instructions for use and cleaning. Do not expose your product for direct sun light or heat for too long. Do not use various whiteners, bleach and similar chemicals or products containing alcohol for light colored products. For any reason, do not use pointy and hard objects on product. Caution must be taken against damages that may be caused by many pests such as mice, insects and moths and against contamination or impact of pets. Consider protection principles against damages, impacts, pollution that may be caused in production, packaging, carrying and ultimate use of the product. Ultimate products must be designed and made accordingly to content and physical structure of the semi-finished product that we manufactured. Do not use our semi-finished products in low quality and inappropriate fabric, foam, adhesive, accessory and similar products. Care must be taken for how should stitches material and stitch technique is accordingly to production or product variety of our artificial leather products and fabrics and grabbing sewing type must be used. If the not-recommended needle or thread that require to be used, necessary tests must be performed and used only if their compliance are determined. 

NOTE: As Upholstery Textile, we introduce and produce you, the valuable customers, the quality and more resistant products against sun lights, heat, alcohol and impacts with new generation raw materials composed of improved components that are high quality, and used in the production in our factory recently. But this does not mean, do not consider the above mentioned warnings that are applied from past to present.


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